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To improve his comfort of life and not to worry about the daily chores. We offer you qualified staff. For the following services: * cleaning, * ironing,  * course ... We are committed to providing you with personalized and competent service according to your needs.

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Life Aid

For who?

* The elderly,

* People with Disabilities,

* People returning from hospitalization.

We offer you:

-material assistance (maintenance of housing, laundry maintenance, shopping ...)

-a personal assistance (assistance with washing, dressing, and traveling ...)

-moral support (presence, listening, support and monitoring)

-administrative and social support (assistance with outings, walks and administrative)

Our life assistants aim to provide comfort to independent people and to ensure the home support of dependent people.

Paciente e Enfermeira

Do you want to enjoy your garden, without undergoing the constraints?

AAS provides you with gardening professionals, seasoned in all tasks, whatever they may be.

  • Mowing the lawn

  • Various plantations

  • Hedge trim

Don't you have a green thumb? Entrust us with the maintenance of your exteriors and learn to discover life in the great outdoors. You can ask any questions to your green space worker, in order to meet your expectations and together choose the most appropriate products for your land.

In the event of your absence, the counselor performs the planned service. If you want it to focus on another point, you let it know in the logbook or by simple phone call. In the event of bad weather, our services are staggered, in order to ensure quality work, unless the intervention allows it (planting, repotting, etc.). We inform you on which day our worker can return, to start or end the service in progress.

We provide the tools, however you must provide the necessary products and treatments (weedkiller, insecticide, soil, etc.) in order to fulfill your request. If the intervention requires the use of specific tools (tiller, etc.), contact our green space experts.

Small DIY

Service subject only to the declaration


AAS carries out all your small DIY maintenance and renovation work for you.

Simplify your life,

Entrust-Nous is organized according to your needs, for occasional or regular home assignments.

Our services can be:

Repair a socket             

To change a light bulb  

Change a tile            

Change a seal

Move a piece of furniture            

Assemble a piece of furniture as a kit

Hang an object on a wall

Install curtain rods       Unblocking a siphon ...


We offer a childcare service at home according to your needs with experienced, serious and available nannies. Whether it is full-time, part-time or one-off (babysitting), we can offer you the formula that exactly meets your expectations.
She takes care of meals, outings, educational and awakening games, trips to take them to their extra-curricular activities (dance, judo, etc.), etc. In addition, your worker takes care of the environment related to your children (cleaning the kitchen after use, tidying up his room).

Our principle is to start from your needs to offer you a tailor-made childcare solution. You have complete freedom as to the hours and days of care. In addition, we attach great importance to the following three aspects:

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